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Meals and Snacks

We have a flexible approach to children’s meals and can provide all meals and snacks, or parents can provide a packed lunch and/or tea.

We offer breakfast to children arriving before 8.45am. Breakfast is usually a choice of sugar free or low sugar cereals, toast, fruit and milk or water to drink.

We have lunch at midday. Our main meal is provided by St Edmund’s Primary School, located just around the corner from the nursery.  We collect the food just before noon and bring it back to nursery in insulated boxes ready to serve.  There is a three-week rolling menu providing healthy, tasty and varied meals.  During school holidays, a local cook provides our midday meal.

We have tea at 4.30 which is usually a lighter meal.  The menu includes sandwiches, beans on toast, cheese and crackers and soup.  Most dishes are served with salad.

We provide snacks for children mid-morning and mid-afternoon.  These generally include fruit and crackers with milk or water to drink but we might sometimes offer toast, crumpets, pitta bread etc.

We can cater for vegetarians and other special diets and take into account cultural and religious wishes.

We are mindful of allergies. We request information on any allergy when a child starts and this is shared with all staff.  The allergy information for our menu is displayed with the menu in the hallway.

Click here to view our lunch menu

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