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Settling In Policy

 Statement of Intent

We want children to feel safe, stimulated and happy at Beehive Day Nursery and to feel secure and comfortable with staff.  We also want parents and carers to have confidence both in their child’s wellbeing and their role as active partners in the nursery.



We aim to make the nursery a welcoming place where children settle quickly and easily because consideration has been given to the individual needs and circumstances of children and their families.



  • Before a child starts to attend the nursery, we use a variety of ways to provide his/her parents/carers with information. These include written information (including our prospectus and handbook), displays about nursery activities and meetings with parents
  • During the month before a child is enrolled, we provide opportunities for the child and his/her parents/carers to visit the nursery
  • We offer a home visit to ensure all relevant information about the child can be made known
  • When a child starts to attend, we work with his/her parents/carers to decide on the best way to help the child settle at the nursery
  • We allocate a key carer to each child and his/her family before he/she starts to attend. The key carer welcomes the child and his/her parents/carers and looks after them at the child’s first session and thereafter.
  • We use pre-start visits and the first session to explain and complete his/her registration records. We ask parents/carers to complete our ‘My Unique Child’ booklet sharing information about the child’s interests, likes and dislikes, relationships, behaviour and language
  • We allow children to bring a comfort object (e.g. blanket, dummy) to nursery and help them to become less reliant on these items when appropriate


This policy is reviewed annually

This policy was adopted by the management and staff of Beehive Day Nursery on January 30th 2005

Last review:  October 2018

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