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Our Garden

Our huge garden is a really popular feature of the nursery and is well-used by all children. Helping children to learn about the natural world and reap the benefits of playing outdoors is an important part of our day at nursery.

The main area of the garden has a bark-chip surface.  It includes a mud kitchen equipped with a cooker, sink, lots of utensils, pots and pans as well as pallets used as a table.  Nearby is an old sink full of herbs and a water butt for that essential water to make the best mud pies.

We also have a large play house, a huge sandpit, a digging pit a bug hotel and equipment for climbing and balancing.  Throughout the nursery, we try to re-purpose and recycle items and this comes to the forefront in the garden where tractor tyres, pallets, planks and sleepers are put to good use in lots of different ways.

We have small vegetable garden at the bottom of the garden including a greenhouse that we made from recycled plastic bottles.

Other features of our outdoor space include a large area of decking, a grassy area, a winding path to our “secret garden” where our chickens live.  We have shrubs and trees and lots of places to hide!

We firmly believe that children should spend lots of time outside and aim to be outside every day. Children in the Pre-school Room benefit from “free-flow” play, meaning they can move freely between the indoor and outdoor spaces, choosing where to play.  The younger children in the Baby and Toddler Rooms go outside as a group and play outside every day when possible.  Children of all ages mix and play together in the garden and it is a great time for siblings to spend time together.

Our garden is always changing and evolving with the seasons and with new ideas and play opportunities.

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