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Toddler Room

The Toddler Room has space for 12 children aged two years, cared for by three adults, plus a lunchtime assistant. Most two-year-olds begin to gain more independence and a strong desire to explore, communicate and interact with each other. The Toddler Room is organised to give children every opportunity to develop their emerging skills and growing self-confidence. One end of the room is used for messy play including sand and water, painting and other mark-making. Other activities include role play (e.g. dressing up, dolls, home corner) "small world" play such as cars, animals and people, construction, puzzles and lots more. Toddlers develop their concentration and listening skills during short group times and story times. Children gradually gain independence by starting to help themselves at snack times, supported by adults and by being given time to develop self-help skills such as dressing and undressing, washing hands and when ready, using the toilet.

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